Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"The Rainbow Knight"

The Rainbow Knight, along the river, walked in prism dreams
The sun was shining on the ripples in chromatic streams
And, now, he pondered light and hue
Once more, the spectral sight in view
Of passion's willing ways

His stride was broken by a thought of life in toneless tale
At the thought, a pain was wrought, that heart and will would fail
The wind picked up and tossed the whim
The river washed it past the rim
To shores of pallid days

He felt, within his glowing heart, the end of burden's blight
The mystic gleam cast, from afar, kaleidoscopic light
And, with the rippled light between
A brilliance settled with a sheen
To set the world ablaze


 © 2014 whickwithy


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