Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"The vision"

I wandered down a wilding course
And, left behind, with no remorse
The paltry and the pine
I took the path with unsure heart
The shattered window took apart
The wisdom to define
At last, the quest did take a turn
With blazing light, the world did burn
Away the clouds of mind
A picture painted with the hand
Brings color to the place I stand
Along with life refined
Like springtime coursing through the veins
The pulse of life and love remains
To bolster all inclined
To wash away the sudden doubt
And leave the crippling pale without
A way in which to bind
To Feyderith the course is set
To Kings and Knights and Dames well met
At last, the way is mine


 © 2014 whickwithy

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