Tuesday, August 30, 2016

*"Knight defined"*

The knight is one who holds the life of everyone to heart
Who bows to all and asks of none to take a paltry part
His life is given to the land and to the people there
He gives to all his gentleness, his loving, and his care
Most people in sweet Feyderith have learned the manner true
So Knights and Ladies fill the land and paradigms they hew
Tossed apart like waves off cliff, when foolish make their claim
That life is just obsession that the strongest boldly aim
To grovel for a sliver's not the reason why we came
In Feyderith, this lesson has been learned beyond intent
That life is for the living and each gesture truly meant
Integrity and dignity when facing foul or fair
With patience and the song of life, the lion in his lair
Honor-bound and willing to bring joy to those with none
The knight who holds the thunder in his gauntlet's grasp has won


 © 2014 whickwithy

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