Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"In Feyderith"

The wind it sways and all life swings within the bounds of time
The land arrayed from plains to sweep through mountains as they climb
With life so full, upon this land, no measure can they name
Oh, Feyderith, the land of light, embraced by all who came

Your rivers, they ripple with gentlest touch
The ocean enfolds, as if so to clutch
The fields of dawn sway away to and fro
The foothills will answer with morning sun's aglow
Bright Feyderith, you live
The people built of sturdy stone a Castle and a Keep
Though villages of friendly folk is where they always sleep
A benefice so burgeoning with all that people need
The very land itself allows no withering or weed
There is no king upon the blessed land
For all of man will lend a willing hand
Surrounded by the mountains tall
No ill wind can there ever fall
Sweet Feyderith, you give
'Tis best to survey far and wide, upon the stone plateau
The breath it takes, a sense of yore, a feeling that you know
There is no better life than this
The land gives love and gentle kiss
To Feyderith, I'm true
When the day of last has come unto so weary bones
When last of breath expelled with all the life this body owns
My fealty still, with pledge so bound
Throughout the land my voice will sound
Dear Feyderith, renew


 © 2014 whickwithy